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Questions from devotees

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Questions from devotees


by This website | Feb 09, 2015


We are receiving questions from devotees addressed to Ramlal Bomjon.


His devotees wondering

  1. When Guruji has the most powerful Bhaitri mantra, and prayers calling upon many wrathful divinities that are there to subjugate demons, why would he be unable to protect the pregnancies of Guru Amma from supposed witchcraft against her? – Jesus casted demons out of people and healed anyone from any disease, even from being lamed or blind their whole life through.
  2. If Guruji can receive messages from his divinities, representing directly Maitriya on the earth, why does he need to often inquire by phone about the deeds and motivations of his followers, in fear of conspiracy, of bad motives, of corruption, asking one about the other?
  3. We heard of numerous laws suits against Guruji, what is the validity of those? Why doesn’t he communicate openly about it?
  4. Why does Guruji hide the truth about himself and the actions of his entourage to the wider public. It seems like there is two faces to his speeches, one oral, and the other of controversial actions. He seems to preach one thing, but practices something very different. Is there a reason to this duality?
  5. Guruji, you speak of non-violence in most of your speeches yet it became known that you used violence yourself on a few people, no matter what the justification. Is this not a contradiction? You also say in your teaching: “Never discriminate on the basis of name, appearance, complexion, class, belief, community, power, position, or qualification…” Yet you practice discrimination between your own devotees; some have been banned, others are in positions of favor, to some you are kind while others are expelled in rather violent ways. Is this not a contradiction too?

As it has been nearly impossible for his devotees to ask direct questions to him, we will regularly publish the questions they haven’t been able to send directly to him and receive answers to them.

Questions from devotees

Mr Ramlal Bomjon personal violence witnessed

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Mr Ramlal Bomjon personal violence witnessed

by This website | Mar 23, 2015

Mr Ramlal Bomjon personal violence seen by many

In front of a small crowd of foreign devotees Mr Ramlal Bomjon was in violent ire against a young man and his own brother. With great sincerity a number of those who had witnessed this outburst of anger started asking questions. The propaganda ‘gang’ would silence them or discredit them. As these are the methodologies they use, as they are incapable of demonstrating any kindness or compassion. Kindness, compassion is just for the public websites, to attract donations, to create an artificial following of ‘Likes’ on Facebook, and to exchange some hollow Om Mani (money) padme hum.
Apart from a small number (one kind woman, indeed a small number) who is not part of the management, there is not a single member of the managing entourage of Mr Ramlal Bomjon that is capable of showing kindness or compassion in real life. They are clinging to their positions despite all the damage they have caused. Over 40 victims wounded or attacked, over 15 incidents where one after the other they keep displaying violence instead of kindness or compassion.
They are even incapable of talking to each others. They never ever addressed the victims and apologized. It is only individual devotees, disheartened by the wrong doings of that management and Mr Ramlal Bomjon, that took steps to take some victims in their arms, apologize to them and be compassionate with them. In 9 years that I have been observing this heterogeneous group of new agers, bigots and fanatics I have never seen or witnessed any initiatives to practice kindness or demonstrate compassion towards anyone. They use kids and women in Nepal as servants/slaves for hard work and hard chores, they do the same around Mr Ramlal Bomjon. What progress does he bring? None!
In 2012 Mr Ramlal Bomjon was seen by many go angry. The witnesses couldn’t believe their own eyes. The witnesses started asking questions, tried to understand why and how this could be explained. This is an extract of what was exchanged within the Google group at that time:
Extract from a post by Marie Soleil:
But why am I writing all this??? Because a few days ago, one of my friend who have been in Nepal for the puja have witnessed Dharma Sangha being strongly aggressive. Here’s a part of the message I’ve received:

“I was asleep one night when some of the child monks ran to the camp and told all the foreigners to get up and have a meeting with kempo. (…) everyone was upset. they had stolen the key to the tractor from Ratanpur gompa. Dharma Sangha came out with a samurai sword strapped to his back, Buddha and Darshan had them too and everyone else had sticks or knives and weapons. Dharma Sangha was very angry and yelled at them and made one of them get on his knees and slapped him very hard. Seeing that broke my heart and confused me. He then took the others away and i think is holding them there? I was so confused. I left very sad and confused. The role model I loved so much, I saw him slap someone and be so angry. I don’t know what to think?”

Dharma Sangha, the enlightened one, should have known that this kind of discipline is absolutely destroying… Maybe those kids won’t play bad tricks again but what will they have learned from the message of Love Dharma Sangha is giving us?

If I wrote my own story, it is because I want to be very clear: I am not judging Dharma Sangha at all. I love him from the bottom of my heart. And because I had to face this “evil” inside of me, I completely understand that everyone can face this evil despite our good will. But I don’t approve those behaviors. There’s no good reason for anger!

Please, in your heart and mind, don’t cultivate any judgement. This is definitely not what I want to create here. For me, it only shows us that he is not perfect but a human being like you and me. And I shared my own experience precisely because I want you to love him despite all the anger he might be expressing…

But because he pretends to be enlightened at the highest level of enlightenment, I wonder if he can recognize that he might be wrong. In fact, I am very concerned about him… For the last 6 years, he has given himself for others but what about his own feelings and needs? If he completely ignore his human feelings and emotional deprivation, one day, it will have to show up for sure.

Maybe many devotees will be unhappy to read my comment but I believe that his aggressive behaviors should be known. If we keep them secret, it is because we recognize that these are not the language of Love and we are not protecting Dharma Sangha but only our own hope in what he represents.

I love Dharma Sangha even if I consider that he might have “faults”. And with all my heart, I pray for him. Since I have seen him on internet, I have reached state of consciousness I have never reached before and I don’t want him to stop spreading the message of Love he wants to give to our world. But I don’t want to bury my head in the sand either.

Before planning his tour around the world, maybe we should understand more what he wants to create when he acts like this. Maybe I just don’t understand.

If I am blind, if I go against God’s will, may I be forgiven… All I want is Truth, Love and Wisdom. May Dharma Sangha accomplish his mission of bringing Love in our world! And may all beings be happy!

With all my Love, Jyampa Lhamo (Marie-Soleil)

Then the president of BSDS Kim runs to denies everything and lies she was there, denial has worked marvels for them all the time, it is based on our incredible ability to be gullible:

Sister Lhamo, I was there, all nights, even a midnight meeting in the dark, only with new moon light, with Guruji DS together with Andrea and Ivy, and some Sangha’s members. I never saw anything like ” your friend” did mention to you…, a sword, knives, sticks…..Please be patient, and this is a test for your faith. Your friend ‘s message made me “laugh” so hard…. The truth is always there, being the truth.

Om Namo Guru Buddha Gyani.

Kim (you can call me anytime , sister)

Then the witness replies and explains:

Andrea, and ivy were not there, they had left a few days before. Joe was there, and a man from France named Sebastian was there, and I would not try to spread lies about someone who is trying to awaken humanity and heal the earth. I was awoken by young monks, and told there was a meeting with Khenpo. there was a big commotion. The person i saw slapped was a younger man, maybe 20 years old? plus or minus a few years. after that the foreigners (joe and I and others) were told to go to bed, but after that the meeting continued in the room where the paintings are hung. there i heard from someone the next day more people were disciplined (slapped). i saw with my own eyes Dharma Sangha with a samurai sword, slapping one person after he made him get on his knees. he then got in his brothers face, pointing his finger at him and being very angry, he tried to slap him once and his brother moved back and narrowly missed it. PLease don’t think I would make this up. I love Dharma Sangha so much and have been following his story for the past 5 years and am so glad to be on earth with him. I just guess I don’t understand why he could display anger and violent force? i thought an enlightened being has destroyed all the mental defilements, making it impossible to become angry. I wish I could have talked to him about it and ask him directly but it is nearly impossible to talk to him. I was planning full heartedly on becoming a monk under him and had already asked and shaved my head and everything, but when I saw this my heart spoke and i new something wasn’t right. I feel I needed to see this because only God, Dharma, Source and the inner truth can truly lead oneself to their own path. Dharma Sangha helped teach me this in the most unexpected way. may all beings be happy, love and light to all beings, may we all realize the truth that is always true and melts away all illusions. i just wish to understand and know truth! infinite love.


When covering up all the problems that occur, then the questions do go away they keep coming back at you. They will keep coming back as long as the proclaimed and advertised compassion is not used and applied to answer those questions. As long as compassion is not given and shown towards the victims no one should believe a single thing that is just said, the acts have to meet the claims of compassion. And so far, that is completely absent.
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Attack on the press during puja

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Attack on the press during puja

by This Website | Apr 05, 2015
While detaining a women, a puja set to promote peace and compassion is organized in 2012 during which journalists were attacked by Bomjon’s aides.

Attack on the press

What we imagine, and this is where the word imagine gets all of its power, is not a controversial figure who likes to fly by helicopter, who gets involved in physical abuse over his monks, his family, his devotees. We were all expecting a sort of highly ethical, highly intelligent and discerning being. Instead, at every incident, at any sign of debate or opposition we are witnessing an autocratic, disconnected from reality and the very basic norms of ethical behavior, who knows nothing else than respond with violence and set himself up above the authority of the laws that govern our rights and freedom.
He sets himself as the sole repository of what he calls ‘true dharma’ and tells us no one in any worlds has authority over him. In due time, he tells, he will respond to the objections to the Universe. Or at least that’s how their website mistranslates and uses the word Universe instead of World.
When he is being called the greatest gift from Nepal to mankind, watch out on the sort of gift you are getting.

Nepal Press Freedom Article

Nepal Press Freedom

Bomjon’s boys go unruly‚ beat up journos –
Added At: 2012-03-22 12:08 AM
Last Updated At: 2012-03-22 12:08 AM
HIMALAYAN NEWS SERVICE PATHLAIYA:Volunteers attending to Ram Bahadur Bomjon, who is said to be meditating in the Halkhoriya jungle area of Bara since 2005, today beat up five journalists. Bibhu Adhikari of News 24 TV, Resham Tiwari of NTV, Prakash Lamsal of Image Channel, Binod Pyakurel of TTV and Basant Khatiwada of the Mofasal Dot Com Weekly fell victim to the wrath of the aides of Bomjon, who is also nicknamed Buddha Boy. Following the attack, the journalists rushed to an Armed Police Force camp in Piluwa. “We were filming Bomjon’s sermon but suddenly his aides attacked us and seized our cameras,” said Adhikari. Police had reached Halkhoriya after the incident, but they too were barred from entering the site where Bomjon was giving his sermon. Police, however, managed to get journalists’ cameras back. (Thehimalayantimes.com )

Let’s decrypt

Why were the journalists attacked? Why such a need to prevent any photos from being taken? What brought the journalist there in the first place? Let’s try to answer the questions.
During this very puja, Ms Takacs was detained. Could it be that journalists taking pictures needn’t happen? Very bad image indeed, a woman tied up, detained, during a Puja about peace and compassion, and their guru giving a speech. They so much can’t cope with what they have done, that year after year the only program they really provide is a program of deception, of covering up the unacceptable and unethical detention of human beings by lies and a series of attempts to discredit the victims, instead of acting with the compassion they preach about.
The men rushing to attack the press are the closest aides to Bomjon, the polish national Tomek Tarnowski (Tom Dorje), which the journalists mistakenly take for a German, and Darshan Limbu, who are also the main executors of the detention and captivity of two women, Ms Takacs and the Nepali healer lady, captured on camera and on still photographies by over half a dozen journalists while confronting the journalists. Ramlal Bomjon’s attendants attack journalists
It took contacting the police in another town and getting them to intervene for the journalists to get back their equipment, snatched by the aides of Bomjon.
Even worse, it’s an accumulated collection of unethical conduct that stains and discredits any valuable lesson that might be contained in the Buddhist-like speeches given by Mr Ramlal Bomjon. What is common to all of them, is a constant denial of responsibility, a systematic blame of the other side.
– A Spanish Woman – A young western adult – Ms Takacs – Villagers from Bara – The brother of Ramlal – Demonstration for the passport of Mr Ramlal that ended up in a collective display of violence – Villagers in September 2014 again in Halkhoriya detained two men then global fight between villagers and Bomjon aides follows.
The list is quite long, over 40 people we know about so far.
In none of these occurrences did Mr Ramlal appease the situation, never did he use the opportunity to dispense a ‘teaching’. Only slightly maybe in September 2014 when he very swiftly apologized to the police that arrived on the scene. What’s been consistent on the contrary for each of these events, is a coordinated effort to provide a quick dismissal of accountability and a blame on the other parties. If Mr Ramlal Bomjon cannot even educate his aides on how to act with compassion, then maybe all his devotees could remind him that laws exist, and violence is condemned in our societies. Even in Nepal.
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