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Questions from devotees

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Questions from devotees


by This website | Feb 09, 2015


We are receiving questions from devotees addressed to Ramlal Bomjon.


His devotees wondering

  1. When Guruji has the most powerful Bhaitri mantra, and prayers calling upon many wrathful divinities that are there to subjugate demons, why would he be unable to protect the pregnancies of Guru Amma from supposed witchcraft against her? – Jesus casted demons out of people and healed anyone from any disease, even from being lamed or blind their whole life through.
  2. If Guruji can receive messages from his divinities, representing directly Maitriya on the earth, why does he need to often inquire by phone about the deeds and motivations of his followers, in fear of conspiracy, of bad motives, of corruption, asking one about the other?
  3. We heard of numerous laws suits against Guruji, what is the validity of those? Why doesn’t he communicate openly about it?
  4. Why does Guruji hide the truth about himself and the actions of his entourage to the wider public. It seems like there is two faces to his speeches, one oral, and the other of controversial actions. He seems to preach one thing, but practices something very different. Is there a reason to this duality?
  5. Guruji, you speak of non-violence in most of your speeches yet it became known that you used violence yourself on a few people, no matter what the justification. Is this not a contradiction? You also say in your teaching: “Never discriminate on the basis of name, appearance, complexion, class, belief, community, power, position, or qualification…” Yet you practice discrimination between your own devotees; some have been banned, others are in positions of favor, to some you are kind while others are expelled in rather violent ways. Is this not a contradiction too?

As it has been nearly impossible for his devotees to ask direct questions to him, we will regularly publish the questions they haven’t been able to send directly to him and receive answers to them.

Questions from devotees

Warning to potential visitors

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Warning to potential visitors

by This website | Mar 20, 2015
If you planned to go to Nepal to visit Mr Ramlal Bomjon be extremely cautious, make sure your friends, family, even embassy knows where you are and when you plan to come back.

Warning if you go to Nepal to visit Mr Ramlal Bomjon

The announcement of a puja the 25th of March, to be held in Sindhupalchowk, without the presence of Mr Ramlal Bomjon, may be a high risk to visitors and particularly to journalists.
The repeated incidents of violence, detention, attack against the press, violence against devotees, creates a risk for anyone trying to go there. This will remain a high risk as long as no clear measures and no clear reassurances emerge from Mr Ramlal Bomjon and his highly unreliable entourage, which has shown time and again in the past how they can threaten man and women alike, the press or even devotees, break the law and use violence and threats against them.
Since the beginning of his renunciation (tapasya) and start of meditation that was supposed to last 6 years, Ramlal Bomjon and his entourage have been involved in over 15 cases of violence, the last recorded one in September last year.
We have been asking over and over again that he himself and his management take a clear position as to prevent that these acts of violence happen again, so far nothing has been done on their side. The people involved in those acts of violence are still part of the closest entourage of Mr Ramlal Bomjon.
We therefore wish to warn everyone of using extreme caution if they are planning to go there. Get in touch with your embassy in Katmandu, register there, make sure people are informed of your dates of departure and when you are expected back. That they are able to reach you by mobile phone or otherwise.
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