Your money as donations

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Your money as donations

by this website | Apr 13, 2015
While nobody is forcing anyone to make donations, how many years of the same tricks do you need to understand that there are some fundamental flaws in the entire management of this organization.

Your donations

The stated purpose of donations

“Donations support a wide range of causes: constructions, shelters, protection of the environment, food, transport, rents… It all is done through your kindness and generosity only.” – Very vague and broad statement which is officially written on their website.
Through Google groups, social media, website and the donation pump agents, the public is being served a multitude of causes to support throughout the years that have either never been fulfilled or have been totally wasted with the same result as if you were burning yourself the bank notes. It is probably the only actual visible evidence of the infinite compassion of this organization, which thrives at ridding you from any burden in your wallet.
Here is a list of the promises and so-called projects you were supposed to finance through your donations:
  1. The Halkhoriya Water-Supply Project – Dec 2011
  2. Kajopa, Lake and legalization of Halkhoriya forest as a Dharmic Forest Nov 2011
  3. Restoration of lake in Halkhoriya by Ramlal Bomjon request Nov 2011
  4. Building Kajopa in Halkhoriya Nov 2011
  5. Terthup Dharma Hall 2010
  6. Writing a book of teachings

What really happens with donations

Money is the tattva of this organization, the essence and engine of all its operations. If observed as a commercial entity, one must admit that only very few commercial companies manage to generate so much income in proportion to the goods they produce. Of all the announced reasons and projects to support, not a single one has been accomplished. So through times the stated purpose of the donations has been modified to reach as vague as possible a phrasing, and in the fervent hope that people will forget about how they were tricked into donating each time.
Here is where the money actually goes:
  1. Helicopter rides – 4 or 5 so far at 4 000 – 7000 USD each.
  2. Buying the 4 wheel drive for Ramlal Bomjon
  3. Repairing the badly driven and badly taken care of car
  4. Making ugly concrete constructions on sites where no construction permit was ever secured. Which in turn get later bulldozed by the authorities.
  5. Money leeks – its a physical property of money in Nepal it seems, where bribing, commissions, service fees, are more or less one and the same.
  6. Court cases
  7. Lawyers
  8. Food
  9. Construction materials
  10. Financing pseudo pujas
In 2012, the year when the detention of Ms Takacs occurred, and when the journalists were attacked while a big World Peace Puja was held in Halkhoriya, the international/USA section of the organization collected 49 875 USD. Or at least that is the amount declared by the USA branch. At the rate of the USD to NPR which went in that period between 87 NPR to 105 NPR for 1 USD. The value ranges between 4 339 125 NPR and 5 236 875 NPR. Add to this amount the unknown figure of the sums collected locally in Nepal.
With time Mr Ramlal Bomjon has developed a liking for helicopter rides. Regardless the trivial issue of wondering if there are enough funds for that, when he wants a ride, he just asks for a ride, and the donation pump is turned on, when it’s not enough, then his closest aids might just take a bank loan, and worry later of how to reimburse it.


While nobody is forcing anyone to make donations, how many years of the same tricks do you need to understand that there are some fundamental flaws in the entire management of this organization. The donations made are factually supporting this entire system of organizational miss-management. Thereby also supporting and contributing to the perception Mr Ramlal Bomjon has that he is above any legal consideration and above any accountability towards anyone.
While we cannot ask him directly about the real meaning of the words he uses in his speeches, which derive from an unknown language spoken by invisible entities which they call Maitri, if in the meantime we just replace that Maitri by ‘commercial marketing’ then everything starts making sense.
If some of the funds were used to buy a book of English for Nepali speakers to Mr Ramlal Bomjon, in all these years he might have been able to address the world he speaks to, in a language the world understands. That book is available for only 44.95 USD. With it Mr Ramlal Bomjon might have had the chance of learning even casually about ethics, principles and values that govern our societies.
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