This is a copy from statement

by This personal website. | Feb 13, 2015
Commenting the statement of the website run by Mr Semyon.
As the website states it: “The website is no longer representing officially Bodhi Shravan Dharma Sangha. The site is a personal website. We strongly advise our readers to be careful with its content – it is not proper and is meant to create confusion. Soon a new website officially representing the Sanghas around the world will be launched.”
Let me decrypt this again, already informed everyone on the 31st of Januara that it no longer represents that organization, we are the 13th of February, propaganda master Semyon, is not that good at reading information, please bare with him. Give him time… is a personal website, yes that is entirely true. Pretty much the only true part of that communique. Now ‘we strongly advise our readers’, good on you, very precious advice, “be careful with its content”, yes readers be careful, text and images are dangerous particularly when they are pointing at problems! “It is not proper”, no? what is proper is propaganda, lies, misrepresenting the reality, the organization, is that what is proper? In English-russian “Niet Good, Comrade”.

But the funniest part is that to the pile of lies and propaganda they have accumulated over the years, their answer to it is:

Yet another website!

I mean fantastic, wow! What a great solution! Please do not even try to re-examine yourselves, and your lies, but just create even more websites. Who knows, if there are enough websites, maybe then the readership will have more chances of not being confused.

 Welcome to the mother of all confusion!
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