A girl friend, pregnancies, miscarriages

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A girl friend, pregnancies, miscarriages


by This Website | Feb 08, 2015


Ram’s girl friend, called Guru Ama by the devotees, her repeated pregnancies.


Useless secrecy

While the public at large is fed the propaganda of an ascetic into his 6 years of intense meditation without food or water, his close entourage organises a secret trip for him, from Nepal to India, in Darjeeling. The reason of this trip, meeting with a girl, his girl-friend, the girl devotees will later call Guru Ama.
At that time, Ram Bomjon doesn’t have any papers, ID or passport, so it is important that the whole mission be kept secret. Obviously not only for the reason that he doesn’t have any papers, but he is supposed to be in deep meditation for his tapasya (vows to benefit all sentient beings). They would cross the border at night, passing him as an ordinary Nepali, most Nepalis are not even checked at the border with India.
Only a few devotees are in the loop about the girl-friend, there is an embargo about revealing the existence of that girl-friend. You can easily imagine why. Remember, he is supposed to be 6 years in constant meditation. If the public was to learn that he is having some sex (wether tantric or kamasutric), a lot of the followers might be lost.
In the meantime the aparatus of propaganda tightly controlled by Andrea Good, and her ever devoted aid Semyon Shekhotsov, webmaster from Russia, feed the group of blind devotees with what they are expecting to hear, too eager to help the right cause for compassion, unity among all religions, an aspiration that every human thirsty for tolerance and fraternity wishes. All the activities require money. Money, money, money. Om Money Padme hmmmmm.
That same girl-friend will later move to Nepal, to serve Ram whereever he goes. In early 2014, an internal announcement informs a very small circle of devotees of her pregnancy. Then long radio silence. And about in october-november 2014, when the baby was actually expected to come to this world, we start learning that the girl went already through 3 miscarriages. By December she is again pregnant.
Ram tells some of his devotees that he needs to protect her against witchcraft. Some dark forces being for him at the source of the miscarriages. Yet at no point, is he considering that after 3 miscarriages, the best protection she could get would be proper medical care first. She is kept to live under the harsh conditions in those montains and be provided only his ‘protection’ which she had all along the past miscarriages.
Why does an allegedly ‘enlightened’ being keep talking of witches, and with all his supposed powers, doesn’t even come forth openly in public to explain to his devotees the odidity of his actions? Why so many half baked secrets, when he presents himself as the Guru of Truth (Satya Guru)?
Why use propaganda instead of being completely open, and straight in his boots, in his actions, his mistakes, and his lack of basic judgement, which he seems to demonstrate so many times?

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